Thursday, August 20, 2009

Pole Pole Pole

Habari za jioni!

So I have discovered that internet in Tanzania is VERY slow. But, I made it safely here on Sunday night to Arusha, which is in the northern part of Tanzania. I will be here for the first month, living with the two other SALTers to learn Swahili. We're staying a ways north of Arusha right by Mt. Meru (which I want to climb! It's about 14,000 ft I think). Unfortunately, we're staying in a house by ourselves that is kind of in a secluded Christian complex, so hopefully we will have some opportunity to explore a bit.

We started our Kiswahili classes on Wednesday, and I already feel like we have learned a lot! Our teacher is very young and enthusiastic and is at our house every day (week day) for 6 hours. It's pretty intense, but I am expecting to learn lots.

I don't have any new pictures yet, but I wanted to let everyone know that I made it here safely!


  1. woooohooooooo, so exciting. praying for you girl.

  2. I miss you! I hope all is well in Tanzania!

  3. Jambo and hakuna matata, my African queen! Say hello to Africa (the motherland) for me, and I'll tell Virgy hi for you when we part ways for good this weekend. :) Smiles times for all!

  4. internet can indeed be very slow.

    looking forward in seeing your progress of learning swahili.
    if possible could you send a review of the classes at my Learning Swahili Site ?

    I would love to give it a feature on my blog

    best regards