Monday, November 30, 2009

MCC Retreat

Here are a few picts from our recent MCC retreat in Pangani....

The place that we stayed was awesome--right on the beach and all the rooms were completely open. Here's a shot of the main lobby (taken at my favorite time of night, twilight):

We took a couple small boats way out to this sandbar island where we snorkeled amongst the coral reef
We also trolled on the way home, but unfortunately the only fish we "caught" was already dead and Brian (my fellow SALTer) grabbed it out of the water with his bare hands

The place that we stayed is involved with some conservation work for sea turtles. They relocate nests from the sand bar and bring them back to the safer shores of the main land. We were fortunate enough to witness a few tiny turtles break free from their nest and struggle their way into the Indian Ocean. In 30 years, these turtles (if they survive) will come back to the exact spot they hatched and lay their own eggs. It was pretty epic!


  1. So jealous...looks wonderful! Also jealous of all of your visitors and that they get to see you soon! Hope all is well love!