Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Notorious Drain

Today was going to be a good day—I was going to sleep in, catch up on my reading, study for my test, work and shower all before my 6:00pm class, which was the only scheduled thing on my agenda for today.  However, at 8:00am I am woken from a deep sleep to Hanna calling out “Rachel!! It’s flooding!!”  So I jump out of bed and go to assess the inevitable drain under out basement staircase.  Sure enough, a little water was seeping out of the drain, but nothing too extreme, and after a few suspenseful minutes the water starts to return back down to its home.  Regardless, Hanna and I move things out of destruction’s path.  A couple hours later I return to discover that the water decided to come back for a visit—this time in full force.  Water was pooling under the stairs and making its way into Hanna’s room and the bathroom.  This event, as we were casually warned by our landlord and experienced last winter season, happens at least once every year… what a treat!  So, we call our landlord, Virginia, who recommends a plumber, but end up having to call Roto-Rooter because her recommended plumber was unavailable right away.  Within the hour, a plumber arrives, and Ashley and I are the lucky ones that get to receive him (we’re often times the ones that deal with all the creepy plumbers/ handy men that come to the Green House).  His name was Bal, or something of that effect, and (as Ashley noticed right away) the fly on his pants was down, and he seemed a little unhappy about helping our situation.  So, we show him the flood, and he proceeds to figure out what to do with his van that was filled with all the needed equipment.  I think he was really confused, or maybe he was stalling, but it literally took him 45 minutes to park his van… red flag number one!  Anyways, he gets to work eventually, huffing and puffing, and $450 and many questions later, fixes our notorious drain.  I had to head off to class before he was even gone (he had been at our house for almost 3 hours!), and I did not have time to accomplish many of the things that I hoped to get done today.  But, tomorrow is another (hopefully more dry) day!


  1. perfect. the only thing you forgot to mention were his itsy bitsy feet :)

  2. Creepy-sauce. I'm sorry about the flood. How gross!

  3. the water in that drain is definitely not well.