Friday, February 27, 2009

Blood and Glass

Last week, tragedy struck again in the basement of the Green House.  This time it was not to notorious drain, but rather the shower door…


I was upstairs doing homework, and Christye was downstairs showering.  I hear this load crash, then what I take out to be laughing.  But then I realize it is not laughing at all—it’s whimpering!  So I go charging downstairs yelling out if everything is okay.   “It’s not, come in here.” She replies.  I open the bathroom door and poor Christye is standing up on the edge of the tub: there is shattered glass everywhere, and she is standing amidst a pool of blood dripping from her feet down the tubs edge.  It literally looked like a scene from a horror movie!! 

She ended up not being hurt too badly, just shaken up from the glass door falling on her feet, causing it to shatter.  We had glass and blood in the bathroom for about a week, but that’s all cleaned up now and we’re having the door replaced, hopefully soon…


  1. is it august 31st yet? let's get out of here.

  2. oh my GOSH! That is crazy! :( I hope she's okay!!