Monday, February 16, 2009

What Happens After College?

I am graduating from Seattle Pacific university (my soon to be "alma matter") this June.  It seems like the question on the tips of everyones' tongues these days is "what are you gonna do after college?"  Most of my peers that I have talked to hate this question--we all want to be done with school but are scared/ skeptical about the unknown that will come when we no longer are attending college.  I too am a little scared and nervous about what next year will look like, but I my fears are slightly different: I know what I am doing, I just don't know where.

Ever since I started at SPU, I knew that after graduation I was going to do a year or voluntary service through Mennonite Central Committee.  My church, Seattle Mennonite Church offers a scholarship to college students who go to an approved Christian institution and in return are committed to complete a year of service.  By choosing to go to SPU, my church has helped pay some of my tuition--so know I am entitled to complete a year of service.  Both my older brothers accepted this same scholarship and did their year of service with MCC.  Being the little sister, I too followed their footsteps and will be doing the same thing that they did: volunteering with SALT (Serving And Learning Together)--a one year program through MCC that is for young adults.

My application is already sent in, and I just completed the secondary round of interview question.  Now, i just have to wait to see where MCC places me.  My hope is that I'll end up going back to Central America.  I also really hope that I'll be doing an assignment that pertains somehow to what I am most interested in: economic development, specifically micro-financing. But, we'll see.  I am excited, anxious, and a bit nervous to find out what I'll be doing next year, but I am thankful that I at least have something planned...      

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  1. As sad as I am to let you go (again) I know that God is going to do some pretty amazing things through you!!!! And now I will have an excuse to travel ;)

    Can't wait for our sleepover tonight!