Friday, February 6, 2009

Winter Hike #3 for the year: Lake Pratt/ Granite Mtn

On Sunday the 26th of January, Sarah--my best adventure buddy, Diva--my trusty chocolate lab, and Father Jon--my dad, and I ventured out past North Bend on I-90 and hiked up towards Lake Pratt, right near Granite Mountain.  We decided to use snowshoes on the way up, which I still find slightly awkward to walk in, and I somehow always manage to get blisties on my feet when I use them.  Anyways, the hike was very pretty--lots of pretty frozen waterfalls and the trail was very flat (nothing like Mailbox Peak!)   
Here is a picture of my best hiking buddy and me
Below is the view from the lookout point where we stopped, about three miles from the trailhead.  I'm pretty sure the frozen lake is Talapus Lake.

It made a nice stopping point for lunch, where we enjoyed some chai that Father Jon carried up for us.  It's always such a treat hiking with my dad because he always carries tea up for us!
We decided not to use our snowshoes coming down... which may have been a mistake because the trail was rock-hard ice.  But, I turned on my mountain goat super power and managed not to slip and slide too much (I think that's why I love goats so much--they can seriously trek on any terrain/ any surface! I might have to do a future post on mountain goats because they really are my favorite animal!).  


  1. hahahahaha I love this.
    Yes, next post about either of the following topics:

    1. babies
    2. goats
    3. your radiant hair
    4. it-is-1:15

    ps. I want to go hiking with your dad. I want Chai!

  2. I know what you should post about next...